COVID-19 Updates

LakePoint Sports Campus Status, Planning and Next Steps March 31, 2021:

In accordance with Governor Kemp’s March 31 Executive Order, LakePoint Sports is continuing with Phase 2 of its reopening plan for baseball, basketball, and beach volleyball events, tournaments, showcases, practices and training at the Baseball Village, Champions Center and the Beach Volleyball Pavilion.

As LakePoint Sports continues with Phase 2, providing a safe environment for athletes, coaches, and families on campus, as well as its team members and the local community, remains its top priority. It is important for all guests to know that the organization assessed the unique nature of each sport, event and venue and went through a thoughtful and methodical process before moving into Phase 2, which includes hundreds of safety guidelines and incorporates federal, state, and local requirements.

While on campus, LakePoint Sports encourages all guest to practice safe distancing and proper hygiene at all times. Safety guidelines are posted around the campus and at Adherence to these guidelines is vital to maintaining a safe environment for everyone on campus.

LakePoint Sports is excited to be hosting the nation’s top youth athletes and teams on campus as safely as possible.


Please note, LakePoint Sports updates its safety guidelines frequently as new data and information become available.

LakePoint Sports Safety Guidelines are posted around the campus and at

For additional details on the CDC health and safety guidelines, please visit

For additional details on health and safety guidelines for the State of Georgia, please visit