Four Star Point Guard Brian Edwards Jr. talks SEC offers and his underrated defense

Four star point guard Brian Edwards Jr. (c/o 22) joined Symone Stanley to discuss his SEC offers, his go to post moves, and more.

Symone Stanley: You have three SEC schools in your top six, what is it about SEC basketball that excites you?

Brian Edwards Jr: I feel like it is the best conference. Everywhere is a good conference but a lot of SEC schools have recruited me just because I am in the south. I really like the conference

SS: As a guy who has nice range, how do you balance taking open looks but not falling in love with the three?

BEJ: If I miss a couple three’s I will start getting to the basket and draw fouls, but if I keep hitting I am going to stay shooting.

SS: What do you think is the best part of your game?

BEJ: I am an all around player. If the defense backs off of me I am going to shoot the three, if they press me I am going to by and get to the lane. The best part of my game is just making my teammates better and being that point guard and leader.

SS: What is the most underrated part of your game?

BEJ: My defense. I think I can get a lot of steals and press up on guys and stuff.

SS: What is your dream NBA team?

BEJ: Any team LeBron was on.

SS: Who in the NBA do you think has a similar play style to yours?

BEJ: I like to watch Ja Morant, Damian Lillard, Steph Curry and just take stuff from their game. Russell Westbrook. I just take everything from their game and try to put it into mine.

SS: As a true facilitator, how do you balance creating plays for your teammates versus going to the rack to get a bucket?

BEJ: I just take whatever it gives me. If I see a wide open teammate, 9/10 I am going to give him the ball if he is open because I know he will knock the three down. If I see my big open I am going to give it to him but if I have the lane I am going to score myself.

SS: What is your go to move in the post?

BEJ: Anything to get the defender off the ground so I can lean into him and get the foul and one type stuff. So the pump fake really.