Q&A with Intensity Volleyball’s Sarah Pipping

Sarah Pipping is a name all volleyball fans need to get to know. Not only is she a varsity outside hitter for Forsyth Central High School, but she is also a track athlete as well. Her work ethic led her to being nominated for both the Positive Athlete of Georgia Award and Athlete of the Year at FCHS. Pipping accredits a lot of her growth to her club team, Intensity Volleyball. We caught up with Pipping during her club match with IVC at the LakePoint Sports facilities.

Symone Stanley: What have you learned from playing with Intensity Volleyball Club?

Sarah Pipping: I have learned a lot about building a family with your team and being very close to your teammates. It makes you a better volleyball player, a better personal in general, a better teammate. My teammates just really became my family and my best friends.

SS: What have you learned from you high school volleyball team? SP: We’re really big on culture so we really focus on building the culture of our team, becoming a family, becoming one. We do a lot of activities to focus on our team bonding and becoming one player. 

SS: Why do you want to pursue volleyball long term?

SP: Volleyball is pretty much my happiness and that is why I want to pursue it long term. I have really created some of my best friends through it and they’re pretty much my family at this point. It takes me away from all the stress in real life and is pretty much my getaway.

SS: How has running track helped your volleyball game?

SP: I pretty much take the skills from that and apply it to volleyball. They are a lot different because volleyball is a team sport and track is an individual sport. They kind of balance eachother out but a lot of skills I have from track I pretty much put into volleyball.

SS: What part of your game are you focusing on most this season?

SP: Right now I am focusing on my servacy and my defense and synchronization player because colleges are really looking for a six rotation player. I want to be good at everything and play anywhere.

SS: How has your IVC coach helped your career?

SP: She has really helped me as a person grow and she has really helped our team become one. She Is huge on team bonding and she is pretty much one of the most fun coaches you will ever meet.

SS: What are you looking for in a college program?

SP: I am really big on being a family with my teammates. I like teammates that work hard and want to get better at volleyball.

SS: How has IVC helped your college recruiting process?

SP: Intensity has helped me a lot. We just got a new recruiting coordinator and she has helped me contact coaches and get video together. She has been a big help with us.

SS: What is it like playing at LakePoint Sports?

SP: I love playing at LakePoint Sports because I love the energy that comes from all the courts the minute you walk in here you know you are in the volleyball gym. Everyone is so loud and cheering each other on. Every team is so loud. The team we just played came and prayed with us after and it is really big to have that whole big community together.