USA Baseball Gold Medalist Termarr Johnson’s Best is Yet to Come

USA Baseball Gold Medalist Termarr Johnson is a top 3 shortstop in the class of 2022. As he completes his time at Mays High School, he is focused on getting even better and preparing for the MLB Draft or collegiate ball. Check out his interview with our Symone Stanley to hear what part of his game he is focused on improving.

Symone Stanley: What part of your game are you working on most during the rest of your time at Mays? 

Termarr Johnson: I just want to get faster and stronger. I want to work on the small aspects to make myself a complete player.

SS:  Being a lead hitter are you concerned at all about working on your defensive game or are letting it come to you?  

TJ: In the offseason I have been working on my defense a lot. I have been working on being lateral and getting to the ball quick. Just making plays.

SS: What’s going to be the deciding factor for you when deciding whether to take your talents to the collegiate level or straight to the MLB draft?

TJ:  I just want to make a decision with my family. I believe in them a lot and I just want them to guide me to where I need to go. Whichever is best for me.

SS: The scouts have a lot of great things to say about you but what do you think is the best part of your game?

TJ: I feel like I can hit. I just be hitting the ball and I get the ball far. I can hit in any situation. The coaches think I am reliable and I feel like I am reliable.

SS: What do you think is the most underrated part of your game?

TJ: My fielding. I feel like I can field pretty well. I know it is some things I can work on and I am determined to work on those things.

SS: How is Mays helping you work on those things?

TJ: Coach Austin and Coach Mike do a great job staying on me and just making sure I stay consistent. I think I am a great teammate. They also help me work on my lifeskills outside of baseball and stay out of trouble and be a great person.