LakePoint Sports Announces New Corporate Partners

LakePoint Sports Announces New Corporate Partners

Coca-Cola Bottling Company United headlines lineup of over 20 heavy-hitting brands partnering with the premier youth sports destination

ATLANTA (July 30, 2020) – LakePoint Sports, the nation’s premier youth sports destination located in the Metro Atlanta area, announces several new multi-year partnerships with Coca-Cola Bottling Company United, IOA, Proteus Motion, S2 Cognition, Old Hickory Bats, Freeze Sleeve, the Heat Shields, King of Pops, Dugout Mugs, the Windscreen Factory and the Great American Cookie Company. Additional partners supporting LakePoint Sports’ esports initiatives include the Electronic Gaming Federation (EGF), Hawks Talon and Hyperice. These partners will be instrumental in assisting with the growth and momentum at LakePoint Sports and will join PT Solutions, Baseballism, Trackman, Sportzcast, Heart of a Champion, BusMax, Rawlings, Prep Baseball Report (PBR) and PlaySight Interactive, as official partners of LakePoint Sports.

“As we continue to execute the LakePoint Sports growth strategy, prioritize media and technology integration and expand our national youth sports ecosystem, it is critical to identify brands that elevate the guest experience and are interested in growing with us,” said Mark M. O’Brien, president and CEO, LakePoint Sports. “We are excited and grateful to add these premium brands to our growing partner roster and look forward to working with each of them to achieve their respective business goals.”

Coca-Cola Bottling Company United will have exclusive pouring rights to all venues on campus so athletes and guests at LakePoint Sports can experience its full portfolio of products, featuring BODYARMOR, Monster, and Dr Pepper.

“This is a great time to partner with LakePoint Sports,” said Darren Hodges, division director at Coca-Cola Bottling Company United. “You can feel the momentum and can see physical growth with the campus expansion. We are excited to be a big part of this journey.”

“When exploring new partnerships, we are focused on bringing brands on campus that want to be fully integrated and engage directly with our more than one million youth athletes, families, coaches, scouts, and business and community members that visit the LakePoint Sports campus annually,” said Greg Barckhoff, executive vice president of partnerships and marketing at LakePoint Sports. “We are constantly evaluating our guests’ experience on and off-campus, and our partners play a critical role in helping us achieve the objective of delivering a world-class experience.”

Many of the LakePoint Sports partnerships will have a digital footprint beyond campus through LakePoint Sports’ media channels, including podcast, social, and broadcast opportunities via LakePoint Live powered by PlaySight. The partners will also allow youth athletes on-campus to test new items and give the next generation a first look at innovative products and technology. Several of our partners will also have retail opportunities within the Baseball Village as well as signage and promotional offers integrated throughout the LakePoint Sports campus.

Multiple new technology partners will provide athletes with unique training, development and advancement insights and further transform LakePoint Sports into a technology driven smart campus. Proteus Motion is a new breed of sports training and rehab system. Its flagship offering is the Proteus Strength and Power Analysis, an individualized report that employs first-of-its-kind 3D movement capture to evaluate overall power production. Generated during a 15-minute training session, the report identifies imbalances, summarizes strengths & weaknesses, and provides pound-for-pound comparisons across skill levels. Athletes receive a dual benefit during the session from Proteus’s patented low-impact resistance, which is similar to moving underwater.

“Our goal – helping athletes stay healthy and maximize performance using easy to understand data insights in a safe, fun, and enlightening experience – fits perfectly with LakePoint Sports’ smart campus,” said Sam Miller, founder and CEO of Proteus Motion. “We are thrilled to join LakePoint Sports during this exciting time of growth.”

S2 Cognition will help youth athletes find the invisible edge by unlocking the connection between the brain and their athletic performance. PlaySight powers LakePoint Live, the state-of-the-art AI-led live streaming and video-on-demand service, and TrackMan is the industry leader in technology that captures the most comprehensive and accurate ball tracking data during the game. Sportzcast pulls data directly from the scoreboard and integrates it into the broadcast.

“Each of the new LakePoint Sports technology partners provides a unique opportunity for our athletes to learn more about their skills and how to improve and provides each of the sports minded tech brands a showcase platform and incubator at the premier youth sports destination in the country,” stated O’Brien.

Partnering with brands that focus on sports performance is key to enhancing the experience of youth athletes and families on campus. Freeze Sleeve is a sports performance brand with a revolutionary cold therapy compression sleeve providing relief and recovery for aching muscles and joints. Heat Shields provides a patent-pending barrier to reduce the transfer and conduction of heat to the soles of the feet.

LakePoint Sports is also excited to have two iconic and endemic sports brands on the roster. Rawlings will give youth baseball players access to the best baseball gear in the country to improve their game performance, while Old Hickory Bats will give youth athletes access to the top producer of customized bats in the country – to get the exact bat that the baseball player desires into their hands. Old Hickory enjoys relationships with some of the best hitters in Major League Baseball and providing its bat selection at LakePoint Sports is a great fit.

“Our goal is to provide custom bats to the top baseball players in the country,” explains Travis Copley, vice president of sales and marketing of Old Hickory Bats. “As the mecca of youth baseball, LakePoint Sports gives us that opportunity. We are excited to be part of the LakePoint Sports team.”

LakePoint Sports continues to grow its lifestyle brand category by adding Dugout Mugs and renewing its partnership with Baseballism. Dugout Mugs has officially licensed Major League Baseball bat-themed mugs and accessories, while Baseballism is a leading baseball-themed apparel and accessories company.

“LakePoint Sports offers us the perfect growth opportunity,” said, Ben Atkinson, Retail Operations Manager with Baseballism. “The partnership allows us to get in front of youth baseball players and families from around the country.”

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LakePoint Sports, the premier youth sports destination in the country, serves more than 30 sports year-round, including baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, gymnastics and cheer. A top economic driver in Georgia, the 1,300-acre LakePoint Sports campus features the 170,000-square-foot Champions Center with the world’s largest continuous wood floor where 12 full-court basketball games or 24 full-court volleyball games can play at once. In addition, the campus features eight Major League-sized baseball fields and three multi-use fields for soccer, lacrosse, rugby, and football, as well as a 10-court beach volleyball pavilion and a three-lake wakeboarding park. Based in greater Atlanta, the LakePoint Sports campus attracts more than 1 million visitor days a year, creating nearly $100 million in annual economic impact. LakePoint Sports is the official home to the training camp of the Harlem Globetrotters, and partners with Prep Baseball Report (PBR) and PlaySight Interactive. For more information, visit

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