GeoSurfaces Turf and 5-Year Sponsorship, Leadoff ’24 Baseball Season at LakePoint Sports

ATLANTA, GA. (February 15, 2024): As Opening Day for Major League Baseball approaches, LakePoint Sports’ Baseball Village, a venue where numerous current professional players have competed, is kicking off the 2024 travel baseball season. The world-class venue boasts eight major-league-sized baseball fields and seventeen batting cages now equipped with brand new turf. This upgrade enhances the on-field baseball experience, providing a top- notch environment for aspiring players on their journey to the pros! GeoSurfaces, a Tencate Company, was selected for this key initiative.

LakePoint Sports, the premier travel and youth sports destination in the country, Prep Baseball, the leading amateur baseball scouting organization in the country, and GeoSurfaces, the leading full-service turf company in the country, teamed up for the new turf product installation on all eight fields at the LakePoint Sports Baseball Village. The new GeoSurfaces turf will provide a new look and enhanced playing surface, featuring a 10–15 degree improvement on some of the hottest days of the year.

“LakePoint Sports continues to remain firmly committed to providing the best experience inside and outside the lines for the millions of athletes and guests visiting the LakePoint campus annually,” stated Josh Laney, VP, Guest Experience at LakePoint Sports. “We worked closely with Prep Baseball in executing an exhaustive process in selecting the best-of-the-best in the turf industry for this initiative. GeoSurfaces demonstrated an unparalleled expertise, product, passion, and personal commitment that set them apart from their competition” added Laney. “The execution of the installation and what baseball players from across the country will experience this season and beyond is incredible. It was imperative, with our short holiday season downtime, that GeoSurfaces was able to execute removing and installing the 1 million square feet of turf. This was accomplished flawlessly in just 40 days.” 

GeoSurfaces specializes in turn-key sports surface solutions, from design to installation. Geo is one of the few firms in the USA offering comprehensive services for high performing sports surfaces. GeoSurfaces’ new XPS fiber comes in a blended color scheme bringing a new look and the turf that also has an increased face weight maximizing wear resistance and playability creating a truer playing surface. In addition to the unmatched turf system, Tencate is taking ambitious steps to solve circularity barriers by finding ways to repurpose turf into usable feedstock for new products. Working together, GeoSurfaces and LakePoint Sports were able to recycle all 1 million square feet of the previous turf system, rather than the alternative of stockpiling it into a local landfill. 

LakePoint Sports is Prep Baseball’s flagship campus,” stated Sean Duncan, Prep Baseball president. “LakePoint is the epicenter of high-end baseball, and we take great pride in upholding that standard. For baseball players, the playing field takes precedence above all else. Re-turfing our eight stadium fields is a massive undertaking, yet GeoSurfaces made the process seamless and efficient in perfect time for the launch of our Spring season. Players will undoubtedly feel the difference. Ultimately, our goal is for every player to leave LakePoint thinking there’s no better baseball experience in the country.”

Every field at the nationally recognized LakePoint Sports Baseball Village also features ingame Trackman data displayed on the outfield jumbo video boards, along with player profiles, in-game stats, video content and partnership promotions. Additionally, LakePoint Live powered by Pixelott, provides live streaming and video on demand services at every field as well as live broadcasts that take place throughout the season at the best baseball tournaments, showcases, and events in the country.

“Without a doubt LakePoint Sports is recognized as the best travel baseball venue in the country,” stated Charles Dawson, president, GeoSurfaces. “When we got the call for the potential to have GeoSurfaces turf covering the eight baseball fields at LakePoint, we jumped at the opportunity” added Dawson. “It was a first-class project and GeoSurfaces provided our best-in-industry solution. GeoSurfaces is thrilled to be at LakePoint and we look forward to proudly sharing and representing the LakePoint project with high school and college athletic directors and coaches as well as pro teams from around the world.” LakePoint Sports and GeoSurfaces also agreed to a 5-year, fully integrated sponsorship. 

About LakePoint Sports:

LakePoint Sports, recognized as the leading destination for travel and youth sports in the nation, encompasses a sprawling 1300-acre sports campus showcasing five premium venues: the Champions Center Indoor Pavilion, Baseball Village, Multi-Purpose Fields Complex, Beach Pavilion, and Terminus Wake Park. Focused on delivering excellence in the guest experience, LakePoint annually hosts millions of guests from across the globe and attracts athletes to compete against the nation’s best. Embracing world-class partnerships, media, and cutting-edge technology–LakePoint Sports is dedicated to setting the standard in travel and youth sports.

About Prep Baseball:

Founded in 2005, Prep Baseball has grown into one of the nation’s premier independent scouting services, dedicated to comprehensive coverage of high school, junior college, and college baseball across 41 states and Canada. With over 150 scouts, they offer the largest infrastructure in amateur baseball scouting. With more full-time scouts than any other independent scouting company, over 800 colleges and pro teams subscribe to their services.

About GeoSurfaces:

GeoSurfaces, a Tencate Company, develops, designs and constructs high performing synthetic sports surface systems across the country. With manufacturing facilities on four continents, GeoSurfaces is a part of the largest synthetic sports manufacturing and construction company in the world. With our 20+ years of industry experience and multiple technological breakthroughs including numerous product and construction patents, GeoSurfaces transforms ordinary spaces into world class facilities.