LakePoint Futsal Cup


• The inaugural LakePoint Futsal Cup will be held January 30 and 31 at the Champions Center, with boys and girls divisions for 10-and-under (birth years 2011 and 2012), 12-and-under (2009, 2010) and 14-and under (2007, 2008).

• Games will be a five on five format, with a maximum of 10 players on a roster. Teams will play a minimum of three games and a maximum of five.

• We will be using a Futsal 4 size ball. No cleats or turf shoes can be worn. Only indoor soled shoes or regular sneakers.

• There will be no on site check in or day of payments for the event. All information and forms needed will be sent out to teams prior to event to be filled out. Each coach or team representative must carry a binder with them to games with valid player birth I.D.s.

• We will be checking temperatures of all players as they arrive on game day. Masks be worn at all times unless playing, coaching or eating.

• Games will be streamed via LakePoint Live for $5 per game (live) and $5 on demand. More info: https://lakepointsports.com/lakepoint-live/

• If interested in being a referee, please contact Bre Johnson at [email protected].


Name Length When Ages
LakePoint Futsal CupThree-game minimumJan. 30-31U10, U12, and U14
U10 (Born 2011, 2012); U12 (Born 2009, 2010); U14 (Born 2007, 2008)


$ 495 
Price per team
$ 2 
Entry fee for guests 12 years and older

Rules & Documents



January 30th and 31st, 2021

Laws of the game will generally follow FIFA FUTSAL Laws of the Game and will be modified to adapt the laws to a youth tournament, accommodate time constraints, adapt to venue limitations and to enable a single referee system. The referees will enforce all rules that address the safety and well-being of the players. See Appendix A for FUTSAL Laws of the Game.

Team Rosters

  • The maximum number on roster is 10 players.
  • A player may only play for one team within an age group.

The Ball

  • The tournament will supply a match ball.
  • Game ball – #4 Futsal Ball.

Match Duration

  • The match running time consists of two 25-minute periods and a 5-minute half time in between.
  • There will be a running clock. Time does not stop when the ball is out of play.
  • There are no time outs.
  • The end of period is signaled by the time clock buzzer.
  • Teams will not switch benches at half time.

Kick in

  • The ball must be stationary on the touchline at the point where it left the pitch or the nearest point to where it touched the ceiling.


  • U10 age group will not be allowed to head the ball. All other divisions it is allowed.


  • Each team has unlimited “on the fly” substitutions during play or when play has ceased.
  • The player leaves the pitch via the team’s substitution zone.
  • The player entering the match enters after the player exiting the pitch is off the court.
  • Substitutes are not required to wear bibs.
  • Play will not stop for goalkeeper substitutions.

Players Equipment

  • Everyone on a team must have the same color shirts with numbers on the back.
  • Shin guards are required.
  • No cleats or turf shoes are allowed. Footwear with non-marking soles required.
  • In the event of a color conflict, the home team players must wear scrimmage vests. Scrimmage vests must be brought by the home team.


  • Each match is controlled by one referee.
  • The referee may stop the clock at their discretion.

Red & Yellow Cards

  • Red card – a player receiving a red card is ineligible to participate in both the remainder of the current match and the team’s following match. A substitute is allowed for the player receiving a red card and may enter the pitch after two minutes of playing time has elapsed since the violation.
  • Yellow card accumulation – a player who accumulates two yellow cards in a single match will receive a red card.

Fouls and Misconduct

  • Sliding tackles are considered dangerous play. There are no slide tackles allowed at any time. This rule applies to goal keepers.
  • Attempting to kick a ball currently held by the goalkeeper is considered a dangerous play and is not allowed.


  • The referee will decide which goal each team will attack, and which team will kick-off to start the match.
  • In the second half of the match, the teams change ends and attack the opposite goals. The team that did not kick-off in the first half will take the initial kick-off in the second half.


  • Will be used in playoff games if there is a tie at end of regulation play.
  • Five (5) penalty kicks (PKs) will be taken by each team in alternating order. If the score is still tied at the end of that phase, then sudden death PKs are taken.
  • Every player on the team must have taken a kick before a player is allowed to shoot for a second time.

Round Robin Point System

  • Teams receive 3 points for a win.
  • 1 point for a draw.
  • 0 points for a loss.

Forfeited Games

  • Forfeited games are treated as a 1 goal to 0 differential in favor of the non-forfeiting team and they will receive 3 points.
  • Tiebreaker will be as follows:
    • Head-to-head result
    • Goal differential
    • Fewest goals allowed
    • Total goals scored (max of 7 per match)
    • Shoot -out

Championship Rounds

  • The 2 teams with the highest points from the round robin stage will advance to the championship game.
  • If the score is tied after regulation time, two extra time periods of three minutes are played to sudden death.
  • If the score remains tied after extra time, a shoot-out will decide the winner.

Post-Game Procedures

  • Due to our current COVID safety protocols, there will not be a physical handshake at the end of the game. A social distanced display of sportsmanship with each team facing each other around half court will work as an alternate.
  • The coach or manager of both teams will ensure their respective sideline areas are clean and that all trash is in containers.

Control of Sideline Conduct

  • Players, coaches, and fans are expected to conduct themselves with the letter and spirit of the “Laws of the Game”. The tournament staff has the authority and the responsibility to remove any person(s) from the tournament for abuses of conduct.


  • There will be no protests. Referee and Tournament Staff decisions are final.


Appendix A




Bre Johnson
Director of Programs and Activities


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